So what are we about?

Well that's simple: We are all about RPO-ZR2. That means "Regular Production Option" ZR2. The following vehicles are what we are all about:

  • 1994-2003 Chevrolet S-10 ZR2 Pickups
  • 1994-2003 GMC Sonoma Highrider ZR2 Pickups
  • 1996-2005 Chevrolet Blazer ZR2
ZR2USA.com is by far the #1 resource for RPO-ZR2 information on the planet!

So what is the purpose of this site?

ZR2USA is a community for any and all US, Canadian and World-wide ZR2 owners (both current and former) to get together and talk about their obsession: RPO-ZR2. Of course there are plenty of non-ZR2 forums on the message board as well, as we all know that discussing JUST one thing would get a little boring after a while.

ZR2USA is a website unlike any other so called "ZR2 site". It is a website that is constantly improving, updating, and changing as its membership steadily grows. It is the ONLY ZR2 website with a clickable US map- this feature makes it very easy to find ZR2 owners near you! It is your #1 source for THOUSANDS of awesome ZR2 pictures that each of our members have proudly submitted. Lifted with a V8 and 37's or bone stock- it doesn't matter!! It's a "ZR2"!!

So can you join?

I hope so!!! If you have ever owned a ZR2, we welcome you to join. A REAL ZR2 that is- not a Chevy Tracker with a ZR2 sticker on it... oh- you will also need to have at least one pic of your ZR2 (no exceptions). You say you've never owned a ZR2, and you really feel that you could be an asset to our community?? Please feel free to contact an Admin here and ask about becoming a "Sponsored Member".

Ready to join?? Click HERE to fill out the registration. Follow the registration process correctly, as it does require you to upload a picture of your Zr2 for validation!

How the basic site works:

First of all, this site will always remain 100% FREE. It will be funded primarily through official ZR2USA merchandise sales, occasional donations, and by our "subscribed members" who chose to enjoy the benefits of the more rewarding, upgraded membership.

A basic/FREE membership will include your very own MEMBER PAGE with up to 5 pics of your ZR2. Pictures must be in JPEG or JPG format and 100k or less in size please. We can edit your pictures for you; all you have to do is submit them to us. You can also list your current and future modifications, etc, in your member page. And you must include your REAL first name for us (don't worry- no one can hunt you down and kill you by simply knowing just your first name on the internets ;) )You will also be permitted to post in the discussion forum here - the heart of the site- where we all get to "meet" each other in hopes to try and understand our ZR2 obsession better.

How to become a subscribed member:

For just a ONE-TIME fee of $19.99, you can become a ZR2USA.com Subscribed Member and receive the following benefits:
  • Your very own AVATAR/custom name of your choice which will appear next to each and every post that you make in the forum. You will stand out from the rest and will be easily recognized.
  • You will have a VIP pass to the exclusive "Subscribed Member's Only" forum on the discussion board. (This forum can only be viewed by subscribed members- no others will be able to see it. If you are under 18yrs old, you will not have access to this feature)
  • You will be able to store up to 200 private messages (free membership=50)
So have you decided you want to become a subscribed member? Click Here to find out how.

Learn, have fun, and meet other ZR2 owners!!!

That's what it's all about.

See ya there,
"DW" (Dave W, ZR2USA Administrator)
"CKnaffle" (Chris K., ZR2UA Administrator
"Keviness" (Kevin S., ZR2USA Administrator)